Web Analytics

‘Tis a numbers game.

In order to do business effectively on t’interweb, you need to continually refine and optimise your online marketing strategy, your marketing mix – email, social, advertising, pr, web page content.

Web analytics gives you the business intelligence – the metrics, the data – to inform and underpin the evolution of your digital strategy. 

How else would you determine whether your search engine marketing is effective at capturing your maximum potential audience or whether negative blog comments are hindering conversions? Is the user experience a good one, encouraging engagement and return visits, or are visitors bouncing off your website after viewing only a single page?

Success online is hard work: analytics is part of the armoury, and, like all the elements of your digital marketing mix, needs to justify its outlay. Well, here are a couple of things web analytics can do for you:

  • it can spot problems – bugs, mistakes, oversights – in your coding, your copywriting; the small things that make the difference between a bounce and a conversion
  • manage and optimise online advertising campaigns; maximises the bang-for-buck of your spend
  • directly improve conversion
  • can figure out WHAT and WHERE to test